The da Vinci Project

The da Vinci School Art Project was an exciting way to create art with kids while having lots of fun. This was their first art project involving animals made out of recycled cardboard.
Each child created their own animal first on paper thru drawing then in a 3 dimensional version using recycled cardboard. I held several workshops during school over the course of a month.
The school then invited the students family and friends for an art opening showcasing their finished pieces. These children are amazingly creative. Check out their finished works here.
daVinci_01 daVinci_07 daVinci_06 daVinci_05 daVinci_03
daVinci_10 daVinci_29 daVinci_28 daVinci_27 daVinci_26 daVinci_25 daVinci_24 daVinci_23 daVinci_22 daVinci_21 daVinci_20 daVinci_19 daVinci_18 daVinci_17 daVinci_16 daVinci_15 daVinci_14 daVinci_13 daVinci_12 daVinci_11

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