One thought on “Kassa(Payment)

  1. I as an artist was just intrigued by your art work.
    I was in awe of the message and the materials. Then I scrolled down to find a picture of your Kassa (payment)a little black boy.

    My son is Kassa, named for the repayment, killing, of my cousin (brother)and the payment for the five boys in my life that were killed.

    I want this picture or a picture of it. His life is worth so much to me I guard it every day, mostly in fear.
    My organization, New Jim Crow Movement allowed me to go the Unite Nations with the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, both were black boys murdered through criminalization of black boys.

    Please call me at (904) 631-1674 or email me at

    Thank you ever so much,

    Aleta Alston-Toure’
    New Jim Crow Movement
    Free Marissa Now (FMN)

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